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Imagine seeing a virtual image of your product, or any object in full, natural contour and proportions rising up in color from plain paper on the table!

This is exactly what happens through a new, patented photographic process that'll put your product into the mind of the consumer as no other media or process can. Ideal for brochures, periodicals and giant "floor posters," it is literally a "new angle" on the anaglyph principle, but presented now with higher quality and presence that only digital processing can produce. The effect is amazing! The 3D ON THE LEVEL® image is called a PHANTAGLYPH® (FAN-ta-glif).
Unlike some 3D processes that leave the viewer wondering where the hidden picture is, these images are so naturally realistic that the results can be startling, and at the very least, memorable. To view the Phantaglyph® image the viewer does not look straight-on at the photo or brochure, as with conventional pictures. Instead, the image is placed down flat on a tabletop. The observer, from a 30-degree angle, using a small included hand-viewer or glasses, then sees the virtual product, right there on the table, colorfully!
There are several immediate advantages over any other types of media:

1. It is an engaging and immersive experience like no other media. Whereas conventional pictures--even in 3-D--allow you to see another location, a Phantaglyph® actually makes an object become part of the environment! It places your product or object in the viewer's environment and integrates the product into the world around the viewer (right there on the table). This is a strikingly different imaging concept.  Reactions will range from laughter to screams; and there WILL BE reactions.  People don't forget a Phantaglyph®.

2. It allows the viewer to be interactive with the product, to participate, eg: reaching to try to touch the product or object, moving the head to create motion, etc.

3. The "pass around" factor is off the chart. People want to share this unique experience with others--more mileage for your message.

4. It's inexpensive to mass-produce, AND takes only a moment to create a lasting memory.

Your only boundary is the imagination.

The possibilities are endless for ways to stimulate purchases via this new photographic imaging process.  After they've had fun reaching for the Phantaglyph® virtual image, they'll remember to reach for your product! 


A giant Phantaglyph® floor poster is rolled out like a carpet, and viewed from a standing position. It's perfect for breathtaking images of life-size models, aerial views, architectural structures, etc.

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what's the worth of your virtual product right on the table? (HINT: what it costs and what it's worth are very different!)

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